TAGGS stands for Therapeutic Applied Geek and Gaming Summit. The summit was on April 9, 2021 and ended April 11, 2021 on a virtual platform. It is the first conference of it’s kind where it focuses specifically on using games and geek culture to support the community mentally. The first day of the summit happened the day before the conference officially began. It all began with a mental health advocate named Momma Foxfire.

I was very impressed with her willingness to share deep mental issues that she struggles with. She described the following issues: eating disorder, post partum depression, marital issues and the mysterious disappearance of a beloved relative. This is huge! I as a therapist can not reveal the struggles that my patients go through, however they have that ability to do so. Every person that shares their story, normalizes mental health, and offers up the light to a person in the darkness that says “I’m not alone.”

Momma Foxfire encourages others to seek out professional mental health, and shares a testimony of what has helped her. She opens up a dialog to discuss medication, and discuss dark feelings that many keep hidden for so long. I was overwhelmed at her courage to share all of this. She does live streams, playing games and telling others about the importance of mental health treatment! How amazing is that?

I’m aware that mental health advocates exist, but I’ve never heard their story. If you get a chance to chat with Momma Foxfire, your heart will be touched by her strength and love. Please check her out on twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/mommafoxfire

I am looking forward to giving more of my experience on other days of the TAGGS conference. You are welcomed to comment and ask questions. Good mental health and good journey to you! <3

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