“If you enjoy immersive storytelling, thoughtful dialogue, and fully fleshed out NPCs then you will enjoy playing with Tinelle. She is mindful of people’s play styles and adapts when possible to meet players where they are at. She is a skilled facilitator and has a calming voice that is excellent at setting the mood. It’s pretty awesome that she likes to get into character through the use of props, changing her zoom background, and really figuring out how the NPCs would react to the situations they are in with the players. Most importantly she is skilled at using games therapeutically.  Tinelle is an exceptionally good GM for anyone that might not feel comfortable at a predominantly white, cis/het/masculine table. ” – HP

“Tinelle was great leading a game of Exquisite Polycule, making sure to cover safety tools and how to move through the game. She is a fantastic roleplayer, creating interesting characters and worlds. Playing with her is always an exciting and fun experience! 11/10 would play again! And I have!”

– JM

Tinelle Evans Reno
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #4542

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