“Where you look affects how you feel.” 

Brain spotting makes use of this natural phenomenon through its use of relevant eye positions. This helps the Brain spotting therapist locate, focus, process and release a wide range of emotionally and bodily-based conditions. Brain spotting is also a brain-based tool to support the therapy relationship. We believe that Brain spotting taps into and harnesses the body’s natural self-scanning, self-healing ability.

Brain spotting supports issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, or behavioral problems. This modality was discovered in 2003 by Dr. David Grand, PHD and started with the title of Free Flowing EMDR. Brain spotting is more culturally inclusive than EMDR and supports multiple racial/ethnic identities. Brain spotting can be used for many different issues.

A Brain spotting session can be as long as 90 minutes long. Due to the intensity of the training and the healing, each session is $200 each. I don’t do sliding scale, however I can talk about payment plans if needed. Your health is important, and this is a good time for you to explore within yourself what is worth investing in your health. You can send any questions to me at creationsbytinelle@gmail.com

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