Gender Confirmation Letters 

I have taken the GALAP pledge to support the transgender community by writing letters for free. I have publicly committed to providing gender affirming care for medical transition without undue gatekeeping practices. In support of the community, I offer a free pro bono assessment (once a month) and letter for someone in need. The cost of letters that I write will always be free to support those who have a need for these to move forward in their identity.  Learn more about the pledge here:
I am not WPATH certified. However, I have been working with transgender persons since 2012. I was trained at the Gender Health Center by Dr. David Nylund, LCSW to write gender confirmation letters and I’ve been writing these letters since 2012. If your surgeon requires someone who is WPATH certified, I would suggest that you go to this website for a therapist:
I require 4 sessions to complete the assessment and put together the letter. These sessions are mostly to get to know you and learn about your journey. I don’t see myself as a gatekeeper. I want to open up pathways for your new life, whatever that may be in whatever way makes sense to you. You can send any questions to me at
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